Lab Mascots

The lab mascots bring their own unique qualities to the team. We appreciate them for their guidance and commitment to our mission.



Doodle is Jie's toy poodle. Despite weighting less than 10lbs, he is an accomplished high jumper and routinely reaches altitudes of three feet while leaping. As of Jie's thesis defense and graduation (Spring, 2017) he has become a lab alum.



Magnus joined the team of mascots in 2014. He holds world records for both number and scale of pillows crushed.




Miso spent the early part of her life under a curse that began with her no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. She wound up wrongfully convicted of stealing an orphanage donation and had to choose between prison or Camp Green Lake. She decided to go the camp, which ends up being a terrible place where she and her campmates were forced to dig holes in the desert all day on the orders of the warden, who was actually using the efforts of the campers to look for buried treasure. But with the help of a few new friends, Miso plotted a daring escape from the camp to solve the mystery and is now finally free of the family curse. 



Myshkin is Greg's cat. He has a fiery personality and a zest for life. When he's not computing neural network gradients, you can find him napping in the sun.



Sophie is a bichon-poodle-shih tzu mix. Her research focus is on machine learning for dog breed identification. Sophie joined the team in 2013.




Tesla is Jaclyn’s pineapple green-cheeked conure. His interests include genome-scale gene expression data and papaya.